About Us
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PTA Objectives 

Build the community

Facilitate communication

Support teachers

The PTA, What is it about?

  • Activities Subcommittee: Support the School in various ways by organizing or participating in various events.
  • Translation assistance
  • Food committee
    supportive to everything concerning food
  • The Sport Subcommittee 
    Enhances sport activities, helping the school supporting events or sport clubs organized and maintained by Parent volunteers
  • Newcomer’s team 
    Welcome families of all nationalities
  • Public relation Team: Parent PR team, to help the School promotions organized by CIS Marketing team
  • Website and or Newsletter
    Here you can give tips to Parents: where to dine, shop, go to vacation, health tips, activities for children, safety tips

PTA Meetings

    • Official PTA Committee meeting in the PTA room.
    • Meeting with a theme: specified support meeting in cooperation with school

Job descriptions Comities:


    • Maintain Objectives, Strategy & goals PTA
    • Spokesperson
    • Preside PTA (committee) meetings


    • Communication between President & subcommittees
    • Address books, mailing lists, Email, SMS
    • Agenda’s
    • Meeting minutes
    • Translation


    • Communication between Sub committees
    • Communication from and to Community
    • Communication with CIS staff & board

Planning & organizing of various events like:

    • Welcome party.
    • Christmas fair.
    • Thank Teacher events, etc . . .
    • Sport
    • Events
    • Community service

Working together with Communications & PR, to broadcast events.
Report & discuss with Finance & President about costs.

Public Relations:
Posters, Handouts, Forms, Newsletter, SMS, Email design and the PTA Web site.

Food committee:
Goals & Objectives

  • Observe whether the food service program provides students and staff with well-balanced nutritional choices of food and beverages.  To meet this goal, the Members of the food committee will explore menu offerings based on nutritional content.
  • The food committee will “share suggestions” and feedback on menu offerings


  • Representative(s) Sodexho
  • Representative(s) School
  • Representative(s) Parents


  • Have regular meetings.
  • Have meetings of minutes.

Teacher Support

Keeping in tough with Class moms and help out where necessary.

The PTA needs fresh Parents who are willing to invest some time in the Concordian community

Please do not hesitate and sign up today

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Concordian International School promotes academic excellence while nurturing young people to become moral and
intellectual leaders, people of dignity, integrity and compassion, who want to make a difference in the world.