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PTA Food Committee

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  • Food Committee Minutes of Meeting, Oct. 5, 2009, 7:50 AM

    Hi everyone,

    Here are notes from the first Food Committee meeting this morning, Oct. 5, 2009. Thanks to all who attended: Khun Air, Khun Kanarat, Theo, Khun Ta, Jan, David and Melinda. The meeting began at 8:00 and ended at 8:50 a.m.
    Refill system is not appropriate for everyone; some students don’t refill, and serving sizes are inconsistent. [Sodexo have tried to address this by displaying “standard serving sizes” at the counter for all menu items.]
    “Too expensive” is a frequent complaint. Maybe eliminate refills and revise the pricing for single-serves? Sodexo’s contract is up for renewal soon. Consider having other food service providers bid for the service.
    How to prevent waste? Educate kids to eat healthy and make good choices? Ensure balanced diets for all? Some ideas:

    • Weigh the amount of leftover food/slop at the end of each day. Give kids the facts and figures and aim to bring the number down. [According to Khun Ta we throw away 2 large bins of food everyday – taken away not sold. That’s an estimated 50-60 kgs. of slop each day.]
    • Put up artwork and literature in the canteen to promote nutritional awareness, encourage good eating habits, and reduce waste.
    • Have teachers proactively discuss menu choices with students so that they are used to thinking about it  .
    • Cut down sugar & food coloring in snacks. Make healthy choices more appealing, e.g. add granola or muesli to yoghurt.
    • If snacks can’t be healthier, make them optional so that parents can send healthy snacks from home.
    • Bring back the salad bar; arrange menu around themes, e.g. Healthy Day/Week, whole foods… then collect data, survey kids to see what works. PUBLICIZE!
    • Look into the quality of raw materials used by Sodexo: documentation, certificates from suppliers? Sharing this kind of information with the community boosts trust and enthusiasm getting parents and kids to support the canteen, accept the pricing structure, etc.

    Next steps:

    • David and Jan will get artwork into the canteen

    • David and Jan will work with the YES club to get their ideas and support in promoting nutritional awareness and reducing waste – e.g. campaigning during morning assemblies

    • Melinda would be willing to set aside class time for a nutritionist to come in and talk to 5th graders; also, having a cook come in and prepare food for/with kids to create a better understanding of healthy choices. [Khun Ta noted the kitchen is free after 1 p.m. for cooking classes/demos]

    • Mimi will ask Sodexo’s management if they can provide the nutritionist and cook.

    • Mimi will ask secretaries to make a copy of the lunch menu to put in classroom teachers’ mailboxes each month, so that they can discuss menu choices with students.

    • Melinda can you take the lead in asking teachers to support the above? J

    • Khun Air will talk to Khun Ta about raw material suppliers, food sources, etc.

    NEXT MEETING: scheduled for October 28th the Wednesday after the mid-term break. Agenda will be to follow up on the above, and to discuss Toscana and the after-school snack bar. Any developments in the meantime to be communicated via e-mail.
    Best regards,


    Food Committee Minutes of Meeting, Oct 28th 2009, 7:50 AM

    Venue: PTA Room Attending. Varangkana, K. Mimi, K. Ta, Ms. Melinda, K. Kanarat.

    1. Date, Time & Venue for next Food Committee meeting: 
            Nov 6th or 16th, 7:50 AM at PTA Room with Mr. Frederic (Representative from Sodexho)

    2. Sodexho Head Office clarification/verification documents on certification raw materials/meats,
            * I.e. Meats tested for color enhancers, meats from certified slaughterhouses, chicken with growth hormone validated       
           * Sodexho offers fish dishes once a week with choices of Western and Oriental preferences.
      Recommendation: Proposal for 2-3 times per week Fish dishes.

    3. Snacks:
                 * Fruit – Banana, Apple and Orange (K.Ta will give feedback on the popularity of fruit choices)
                 * Milk and Dairy product i.e. Yogurt
            Reason: To ensure a healthy balanced diet, the Food Committee agreed to initiate this with the support of Sodexho.

                 * Changes are being made to the format of take home snack without fruit.
                 * Grade 1&2 afternoon snack will deliver to classroom
            Reason: Over 50% is left over for afternoon snack 

    4. Artwork and Promotion in Canteen – Mr. Theo will follow up with; Mr. David and Ms. Jan
    5. Please submit class timetable & mealtime to Food Committee – K. Mimi
    6. Requisition for Concordian to consider providing a speedy & efficient Microwave – K. Air

    Best regards,


    Food Committee Minutes of Meeting, Nov. 24, 2009

    Hello All,

    Here are notes from the third Food Committee meeting this morning, Nov. 24, 2009. Thanks to all who attended: Khun Air, Khun Kanarat, Theo, Khun Ta, Jan, David and Mimi. The meeting began at 8 and ended at about 9 a.m.

    1.       Morning fruit snacks have proven successful. Kids are now eating more fruit. Sodexo will take note of less popular items, e.g. green mango. Yoghurt – look at combining with fruit salad to make it more appetizing to the children. Action: Khun Ta to implement these suggestions.

    2.       Portions/choices: to keep lines moving during canteen rush hour it was agreed that standard portions (no picking and choosing, either) should be consistently served for first servings. Students can come back to refill or pick and choose e.g. more wontons, soup, no vegetables, etc. for their second serving when the staff are less busy. Action: Khun Ta will advise/train the Sodexo staff accordingly.

    3.       The meeting discussed the lack of leadership, guidance, role-modeling etc. at the meal table. Staff are assigned lunch duty but it is more “crowd control” than educational/pastoral. Students seem to be less conscientious about manners and clearing tables now than at the beginning of the school year. Some ideas – have teachers or older students sit with kids at the tables? Remind kids to clear tables and keep noise levels down. Action: forward minutes to the Administration for consideration.

    4.       Reducing waste/promoting healthy and responsible consumption: David has talked to the Yes Committee about bins, campaigning to change attitudes, etc. David is currently tied up with the winter concert but will start working with the committee in the New Year to move this initiative forward. Action: David + Yes Committee after the Christmas & New Year break.

    5.       December menu: Starting December, as a pilot, PYP kids will have the additional choice of Wednesday’s salad special + soup + bread roll. Some PYP students have expressed interest in the salad but canteen policy does not allow them to purchase any food. Action: Khun Ta to give feedback on the popularity of the Wednesday salad special among PYP students.

    6.       PYP Thanksgiving community pot-luck: on that day, instead of lunch Sodexo will provide trays of meat and other special food to add to the pot-luck. They will also sponsor two turkeys so that the children can experience traditional Thanksgiving fare.Action: inform the Administration via meeting minutes.

    7.       Conserving energy: the committee suggested that air-conditioners be turned off at around 2:30 p.m. to save energy. It is wasteful to keep the A/C on for just a few parents who use the canteen as a waiting area in the afternoon. Use fans instead. Action: Khun Ta will turn off A/Cs at around 2:30.

    8.       Afternoon snacks are now served in classrooms: this has been favorably received by teachers as well as parents, who appreciate the convenience of take-away snacks. Action: APPLAUSE!!!

    Best regards,


    Food Committee Minutes of Meeting,23 February

    1. Morning snack : Dairy and fruit, response is good.

    2. Afternoon snack: Complain on size of sausage. Khun Ta said Sodexo is aware of the problem and will make the receiving process more strict. As some bakery items are purchased from outsource supplier, not baked on premise, the committee suggested to

    3. Parents suggested to cook all dishes the same way as the original. For example, sometimes Cabonara dish got capsicum in the dish which is not the orginal recipe. The appearance and the texture of some food is not appetized. For example, meat is overcooked so that it is very tough when chew. The committee would like Sodexo to focus also on the taste, not only cleanliness. Some cooking techniques should be used in preparing the food to keep both quality and taste.

    4. The committee agreed to send a survey form to all children in grade 5 and above. The form will based on Sodexo form which is nornally placed in the canteen but no one ever fill. The form will also ask open end questions including the most 3 favorite dishes and the most dislike dishes. Khun Air will prepare the survey form.

    5. The committee suggested to have brown rice as alternative to white rice to be more nutritious.

    6. The group agree to scheduled a regular Food Committee meeting to be 3rd Tuesday of every month.


    Minutes of Meeting September 20, 2011

    The meeting started at 8.15 am with Khun Suvimol Kanchanachaypoom as the chair person. The following issues were discussed and concluded: 

    1. Food Committee Roles:

    • to act as an advisory board on food-related issues
    • to be the representative of parents on food-related issues

    2. Objectives:

    • To monitor the food quality
    • To give advice to the food provider so the food quality can be improved

    3. Structure:

    • Parents
    • Teachers
    • Food Provider (Sodexo)

    4. Systems:

    • Year-round Activities 

      • Presentation by Sodexo at the beginning of the academic year
      • Survey 1 before the end of the first semester
      • Adjustment according to recommendations from survey 1 before the beginning of the second semester
      • Survey 2 before the end of the second semester
      • Planning by Sodexo before the new academic year starts
    • Bi-monthly Activity 

      • Regular meeting to consider menu in advance and give suggestions to the food provider.

    5. Sources of input for the Food Committee: 

      • Students, parents, teachers and staff, and Sodexo 

    6. The Committee agreed to organize a meeting called ‘Food for Your Kids’ on Friday
         October 28, 2011at 8.15 am. The program will be:

      • Introduction to the Food Committee – 10 min.
      • Members
      • Systems
      • Sodexo Presentation – 20 min.
      • Questions and Answers – 20 min.
      • Food Production Facility Tour – 10-20 min.

    7. The Committee requested that Sodexo reveal all sources of raw materials in the presentation.

    8. The Committee gave Sodexo several food-related suggestions.

    The meeting ended at 9.40 pm.

    Recorded and Summarized by Pat Kiengsiri


    Minutes of meeting 27 March 2012

    Attending: Ta, Shirley, Fara, Theo.

    • The reason not to many members showed up was likely the PYP information meeting for Parents about the Student led conferences this morning.
    • Theo introduced Shirley and Fara being the new leaders of this committee since Ms. Ann had to resign her function. Shirley will be acting as the head of food committee
    • Firstly the new team looked at the previous minutes and commented that this committee actually should include the Kids too. Theo pointed out that due to the time of the meetings, Kids (and teachers too) are not able to join because they have classes.
      Shirley and Fara then decided to interview Kids at the canteen and take the results to the next meeting.
    • Shirley and Fara will study the strategy as laid out in the minutes of Sep 20 2011.
    • Shirley: there where complaints of meat being too tough
      Ta: Sodexo looked into that matter already and improvements have been made, feedback so far is positive.
    • Shirley: there were complaints that sausages in sausage buns are very small.
      Ta: Sodexo will look into the matter.
    • Theo: How about the coffee in Toscana? Complaints were that the coffee there was too strong.
      Ta: We adjusted this too and it seems to be OK now (Mr. Laurent drinks it every day and did not complain).
    • Decided was to continue having the meeting every third Tuesday of the month for now.
    • Meeting was adjourned at 08:20.

      Minutes by, Theo


    Food Committee minutes of meeting Dec. 4th 2012

    Attending:K. PrapassaraNimmantevin (Ana), K.Oi, Mr.Laurent, K.Pat, K.Shirley, K.Peter, K.Lee, K.Ann, KTO.

    Today we met K.  Prapassara Nimmantevin (Ana) for the first time. 
    K.Ana is in charge of educational operations for Sodexo in Thailand.
    Concordian, Stamford & the French int. school.


    • POS why not change to single point POS like food courts.
      • After some discussion it became clear that there seem to be no better way to operate as the way things go right now.
      • One good solution would be to open an additional station with an extra scanner.
      • It is possible to explore as well to position a scanner at the entrance in the morning for students to purchase coupons in advance and then transfer the scanner back to the canteen for lunch.
      • Sodexo and the School are open for suggestions (so if anyone has a suggestion concerning this, please let us know).
      • The school is also reviewing if buffet style might be help to speed operations. Space & timing are the bottle necks for now.
      • After the new wing is fully completed next August, there is a plan to have a sandwich bar operating to offer a choice and relieve pressure.
      • Why Juice boxes changed to smaller size from last year’s?
        Sodexo is going to look into this matter. Actually the cost to Sodexo for the smaller boxes is higher)

    • Toscana
      • Opening time?
        Toscana has to open at the right time (7 am).  Sodexo is going to look into this matter.
      • Not enough stock to supply students.
        Sodexo explained that their big oven is out of order and the replacement part is taking a while to deliver.
      • They hope to have the problem resolved and baking running on full scale after the winter-break.
      • It was requested for Sodexo to have a fall back system for future, ie.  Altenate sources, or products on sale which do not require baking. For now, they will look into ways on how they can increase stock.
      • Sodexo commented that their internal quality audit system makes it difficult to approve a second source that meets their standards.
      • Sodexo will also trial keeping Toscana open and fully stocked with items for sale until 4.30 pm.   Note however that their policy is anything not sold or used in any given day  must be disposed of immediately.
      • Long queue for purchases of snacks and food coupons
        As previously stated the suggestion is to move an extra scanner out to Toscana in the morning. With the total two scanners running, one will be used to sell food coupons to older kids outside of Toscana and purchases of snacks will be done inside.  This should help to resolve the limited space inside when the queue is long. Sodexo is going to look into this matter.
      • Portions and nutritional planning?
        There was discussion about the size and contents of portions.  First serving has to be of proportionate size and according to age group too.  Mr. Laurent asked to change the refill policy a bit; he suggested that Children may come for seconds even when there is still rice on their plates. All vegetables and meat have to be finished though.
      • The committee agreed with this suggestion
      • Additionally there is some concern that the portion control by the people serving do not much the standard on display  (less meat / chicken   more rice).  
      • Also concern that the portion from Nursery through to G12 is the same and this may not be to suitable.
      • The congregation agreed with this motion.
    • December menu
      • Some suggestions came up concerning the December menu, like double up’s , ie. Same kind of meat for both oriental and western which should be changed. Milk should be served every morning with alternating the flavor, ie, chocolate, strawberry, original flavor and yoghurt milk in order to have variety for kids. Sodexo is going to look into this matter, K Ana also explained that the Yoghurt they serve is made by them and has no additional sugar added.
      • Mr. Laurent advised that the administrators are working with Sodexo to continuously review the menus and work on some new dishes; they are in the process of testing and approving.
    • Customer service & Education.
      • Sodexo agreed to supply informational posters reflecting food issues (like food pyramid, healthy meals etc) to decorate the Canteen.
      • As in the past and suggested to Sodexo implement regular surveys. We will send our old survey for their information, and suggested the survey should be each year at the end of the first semester to gain experience and have time to make changes within the school year.
      • Suggestion boxes supplied by the committee appear to have been misplaced.  They will be located and placed prominently to allow for suggestions which will then be summarized and reported to the committee on a regular basis . . .
      • Sodexo agreed plan food seminars for Kids & Parents.
      • The Food Committee offered help with promoting this to Parents.  Mr Laurent proposed 3rd week of February for K. Ana to consider.

    Meeting minutes by Shirley, Peter & Theo

    Next FC meeting January Nine-isch


    Food Committee meeting minutes, Tuesday19 March 2013

    Attending: K. Ana, K. Oi, Mr. Laurent, K. Pat, K. Shirley, KTO and Mr. Gabe.


    • Meeting was opened with a brief introduction and background provided by KTO.
      Goals & Objectives
      • The main function of the Food committee is education, checks and balances, including action plans and follow up.
      • Support the School with recommendations for the development of strategic plans & directions, PR.
      • Share suggestions and feedback on menu offerings (also according to religious or dietary parameters).
      • Observe whether the food service program provides students and staff with well-balanced nutritional choices of food and beverage. To meet this goal, the Members of the food committee will explore menu offerings based on nutritional content.


      • The Food committee will communicate using Email and or the facebook group page: (  at this stage we will propose that the physical meetings may be reduced to once every three months.
      • The Food committee will work with the Concordian administration to develop and execute a simple survey concerning food related matters.
      • Concordian Community members with suggestions, comments or idea’s will be invited to submit their suggestions in writing which can then will be routed according to standard school procedures and according due process and feedback. 
      • Food committee will invite Parents with suggestions to join a surprise food tasting (with other involved Parents) in the canteen to observe and make notes of the processes as they happen in real time.
    • Toscana opening hours and stock supply -  Ms. Anna replied that Sodexo is opening Toscana on time.  Theo mentioned that the stock is not enough in the morning.  Otherwise, the quality of the pastries presented were excellent.  As for the afternoon snack, Toscana is trying to bake just enough in order to keep the wastage low.
    • Extra scanner – Sodexo started a process of getting an approval from Sodexo IT Global for a new license which will cost around 100,000 TBH per unit and consulting with school for funding. This will take some time.
    • Long lines – Although much improvement has been made there is still room for improvement, KTO suggested to arrange menu items by popularity, which as K. Oi mentioned Sodexo tries to do already.
    • Broken equipments in the kitchen – As it appears it takes a very long time to get things fixed or replaced. For example:
    • Pastry oven out of action for 5 months
    • Refrigerator out of action for 3 months
    • complete kitchen air conditioning system out of action for about 10 months.

    Reasons for this are:

    • Bureaucracy
    • Poor communications between Sodexo and the school
    • Delivery of imported parts is long.

    It was suggested to Sodexo to closely follow up with the school’s administration, also because Mr. Laurent indicated that the workload of the facility manager is so high that things get forgotten.  Furthermore, after learning that Sodexo maintenance department provides a “Preventive Maintenance Monthly Report” requested for a copy to be sent to the PTA Food committee.  This report will further enable the Food Committee to fulfill its responsibility of  providing an independent ‘check and balance’.

    • List of Purchases by students -  As per Mr. Laurent’s assurance at the beginning of the school year, parents would be able to request from Sodexo a list of purchases done by their kids.  This is not possible as some parents have discovered.  Sodexo mentioned that they can’t provide the transactions list but can only print the balance of the card.  This was considered to be unacceptable for Mr. Laurent and the food committee, so Sodexo is requested to sort it out as soon as possible.
    • Surprise food tasting – the meeting agrees to have surprise food tasting at the canteen for interested parents.  Mr. Laurent suggested to provide free meal coupons in order to accommodate this initiative. Furthermore, K Pat suggested to invite class moms, the meeting agreed.  K. Theo mentioned that lunch hour might be a problem for working parents.
    • Smaller juice boxes – K. Ana mentioned the reason Sodexo changed 200cc to 100cc fruit juice boxes because of the sugar content level. According to her, the correct dietary  sugar intake for kids of age range from K1-G6 is 110cc-180cc per child.  The food committee and Mr. Laurent asked Sodexo to change back to 200cc box because parents otherwise will continue to feel cheated.
    • Field trip to Lycee Francais International de Bangkok – As a follow up on the discussion whether it is desirable to change to buffet system, Sodexo suggested for the food committee to visit the above school to see buffet style in action at a school.  K. Theo will make arrangement for this event asap.
    • Concerning informational posters reflecting food issues (like food pyramid, healthy meals etc) to decorate the Canteen - Sodexo presented us some a “work in progress” called “10 Golden Rules of Nutrition Fact”. We requested more colorful pictures and less text and K. Ana will proceed.
    • Menu – A few suggestions were made and Sodexo will follow up on them.

    Minutes By K. Shirley & KTO edited by Mr. Peter Williams


    Food Committee Meeting Minutes, Thursday, May 01, 2014
    Ruthai Treemek, Ms. Prapassara Nimmantevin, Mr Laurent, Mr. Gabe, K. Angie, K. Ann, K. Pobporn, K. Peter, KTO

    • Introduction to the new Sodexo Food Service Manager at CIS
    • Spicy food issue
    • Quality Croissants
    • Student bills
    • Others


    • Ms. Ruthai Treemek introduced herself being the new Sodexo Food Service Manager at CIS
    • Spicy food, several comments of food being too spicy, K. Gig agreed to taste all spicy food before serving and to ensure  there was a balance
    • Note from the group that recently the quality of presented veggies is improved (not overcooked).
    • Discussion about field trip food, the absence of vegetables and general quality of meals at the time they are eaten. (too soggy- too dry etc)
      Sodexo manager Anna explained the difficulty of maintaining quality & of vegetables for a longer period of time in a pre-packed meal, several ideas were vetted, no clear solution for this however. Sodexo is going to look in to the matter.
    • There was a suggestion to ensure enough specials available as sometimes it’s just not enough especially for the later years which get to lunch after everyone else.,  portion  control on specials as well needs to be set properly as there are no seconds. In addtion there is the wish for salads to be more frequently offered on the menu.  Sodexo replied that the salads they provide are made without them making any profit (?) and related to this that their stock is always day fresh (no stock capacity).
    • The Butter issue (transfats) is still running, Sodexo responded that due to the size of their organization and the fact that changing of suppliers can be only done after following internal IQC  protocols and approval which might take a while.  On the basis on this, the Food committee’s recommendation was to embrace this opportunity to make some positive PR (Sodexo)and explain to the people how serious Sodexo is about quality and present / demonstrate the process.
    • Peter offered Sodexo to help out with the educational part.
    • It would be great to have a Sodexo seminar.
    • Related to the above is the Dim Sam issue, Sodexo does take it in consideration but if there are changes they won’t be swift.
    • Dory fish, as the Food Committee mentioned before, parents are not happy with this controversial fish, it is cheap but many of us avoid this fish cause of the quality..  Sodexo will review the fish offering and subsequent portion and pricing control with the school administration. There was an interesting article in the Bangkok post on the subject
      The committee asked Sodexo to look into this matter and that we understand that food safety effects costs.
    • Croissants, the croissants currently offered in Toscana are quite different from the product that was presented to the food committee a while ago.  Sodexo will look into the matter.
    • Billing system, The School Administration & Sodexo reached an agreement concerning this.
      Sodexo will provide the raw data and the school will develop the software that enables (MYP & DP) Parents to check online what their offspring is consuming on a daily basis.
    • Online suggestion & Survey form, the committee seems to agree with the form, KTO told the Committee that members can suggest changes until one month from now.  After this the forms will be online for people to use.  Results will be summarized and made available to concerned parties (details of this still have to be figured out)

    That’s it folks.
    KTO & K Peter


    Food Committee Meeting Minutes, Thursday, August 20, 2014

    Ruthai Treemek, Mr Laurent, Mr. Kim Derudder, Mr. Gabe, K. Pobporn, K. Peter, KTO and a group of PTA parents present to join the monthly PTA meeting afterwards.

    •    Review of May 1st minutes of meeting
    •    Changes in  canteen prices
    •    Food available outside of canteen which are not as well monitored
    •    Weaknesses in the communication channels and how these can be overcome


    • Welcomed the new Member Khun Derudder.
    • Khun Ann Suvimol officially resigned (in absence) as President of the Food Committee.
    • Approved last meetings minutes.
      Khun Ruthai Treemek, notified the meeting that due to quality issues and also the international row about slave labor on Thai fisher boats seafood is temporarily not available as a menu item. Most likely the fish will be supplied by CP in the near future, and Mr Laurent advised that after signing a new contract with Sodexo the school will be insisting on a better quality fish  (no more Dory)
    • The issue of changes in canteen prices was addressed by Mr. Laurent
      • Prices had not been adjusted for three years already. 
      • To be fairer, the price adjustments are arranged so that those that eat more pay more (EYP/PYP have less of a price increase compared to MYP/DP and teachers). 
      • Mr. Laurent stressed that the School’s priorities are Quality and value for money.
      • The changes were agreed to very recently as the new contract with Sodexo was only just completed and signed.
      •  Mr. Laurent agreed that the school will communicate a full explanation later.
    • There have been issues reported through the new online suggestion form and by parents verbally, Sodexo is working on these and service will continue to improve.
    • Issue of long waiting times (MYP)
      • There is one more pay station due to be installed within the next month.
    • Issue of processed and frozen food available at “My Cup”, “Your Cup”, etc…
      This is not a Sodexo issue but is being addressed by the school administration.
    • New electronic payment system as being introduced by “the Cups”  is separate from the normal card system to ensure it is only available to MYP and parents to keep the younger kids out of “the Cup” stores.
    • Electronic online check & balance system for parents is not ready yet, there are some IT issues which are being addressed and it will be available soon.
    • The meeting stressed to Khun Ruthai Treemek to set up a Sodexo coffee morning (in September) in order to inform and educate parents about Sodexo.
    • Khun Ging volunteered to become the new Food Committee President.
    • The next meeting will be on the first Tuesday of September.
    • Meeting Adjourned at 9.00 am

    KTO & K Peter


    Food Committee Meeting Minutes – 25/09/2014

    Attending: K. Pobporn, Ruthai Treemek, Mr Laurent, Mr. Kim Derudder, Mr. Gabe, K. Angie, KTO,
    K Kiengsiri.


    • Welcome word by Khun Ging our new Food Committee President.
    • Executive decisions by Mr.Laurent.
    • System?
    • Queuing issues at Toscana
    • Review of the August 20th minutes of meeting (click on link or open the attachment).
    • Evaluation of "food matters suggestion system" & "food survey".
    • We have a look at the menu.
    • Others.


    • Sodexo will not serve fruit juices any more, just milk.
    • Sodexo will no longer use Dory Fish in menu. Mr. Laurent informed the meeting that Sodexo will use CP fish instead. (Pla Tup Tim). There a concerns about the use of Pla Tup Tim because parents are unsure about its origin (GMO). It is suggested that Sodexo provides more information about Pla Tup Tim and its origin.
    • Sodexo confirmed the use of fresh vegetables in all menus provided at CIS. (Not Frozen)
    • For desserts, there were suggestions to use fruits such as banana and oranges twice a week. Thai desserts are welcomed however, there are concerns about the sugar content. The meeting asked Sodexo to provide Thai dessert with less sugar.
    • There was a question about the freshness of vegetables served, Sodexo serves only fresh not “pre cut”
    • Issue with parents/guests not knowing where to queue up in Sodexo snack room has been raised. “Please Queue Up” Sign will be place appropriately. Cashiers & staff will be trained to inform parents/guest of queuing protocol.

    K. Ging & KTO


    Food Committee Meeting Minutes, Thursday, May 21, 2015

    Mr. Laurent, K. Gig, Ms. Valerane, K. Sao, KTO

    1. Possible changes in the way food will be served (MYP & up) at our school canteen.
    2. Group’s reflection on the past school year.
    3. Issues
    4. Plan for next year.
    5. Others . . .

    Today we welcomed Ms. Valerane as new member of the FC.

    Things discussed:
    1. Mr. Laurent announced that coming school year MYP & DP will get buffet style service.
        * Advantage will be shorter Q-lines and more food variety
        * Thai & western food will be combined resulting in two stations both offering 8 food varieties,
    this will put some extra load on the Kitchen but K. Gig is confident that they can handle it.
        * Specials might become integrated in the daily choice (this eases up the workload because specials     are ? la carte)
    2. The meeting agreed that we did ok so far.
    3. Issues,
        * There is a pledge for more variety in the vegie department for the PYP kids.
        * Question to reduce the amount of sweet snacks especially during the morning
        * Question to make the color coding for early years kids more obvious to avoid confusion by putting the sample dishes on big colored placemats, K.Gig is on it.
        * Beside the noodles will be a daily choice of curry (soon).
        * Overall impression is that the high school canteen is well visited (estimated 90%)
        * Kids seem to be more aware of what they eat and more knowledgeable (one MYP student actually asked whether it is possible to mention calories beside the demo dishes), nevertheless it is a good idea to have a brain storm session how to make eating more varieties interesting for young kids.

    4. Plan:
        * The meeting agreed that Sodexo should have at least two show of meeting the coming year, preferably in September and February.
        * We also would like to accept Khun Varnee’s offer to visit a CP factory.

        * From my own observations I noticed that students lately more satisfied are then at the beginning of the year. This reflects also in the abundance of official “suggestions”.
        * One of the students I talked to said that students are actually happy to have their say in the Food Committee though timing is always a problem. I suggested we work with representatives.

    Cheers, KTO


    Food committee minutes of meeting September 8th, 2015

    Attending: Mr. Laurent, Khun Treemek (Sodexo), Ms. Valerane, Peter Williams, Theo Beckers.


    • Welcome to our new Member Student g.o.v.t. representative Calvin Chu.
    • Buffet style service, how does it work so far?
    • Customer satisfaction responses
    • Scheduling Sodexo info meeting for parents
    • Food committee meeting schedule?
    • Others


    • The meeting expressed happiness to have student representation in their midst
    • Calvin brought up that most students do not appreciate the new serving style much yet.
      • Selecting the menu items takes too much time and results in long waiting.

    Khun Treemek replied that in her opinion this has two reasons,

    • Communication issues between her staff and the Students.
    • Sodexo does not have enough people on the floor and this seems to be caused by unfavorable geographical conditions.

    Ms. Valerane suggested to adopt a system as being used in some Japanese food outlets.  Use small containers with individual servings lined up and easy to carry away.  The meeting thinks that this makes a lot of sense, Mr. Laurent and Khun Treemek will look into the matter.
    Calvin launched the idea of numbering the food choices to speed up communication, this also makes sense.

      • Students on average think that the price increase is not
        justified. Calvin reasoned that the price rise  is too steep compared with the average increase in food prices in the region Bangkok which if I remember well was about 12%

    Khun Theo pointed out that those statistics might not be very relevant if one considers the variety of parameters that are in play.
    Mr. Laurent points out that the higher purchasing costs at our school are largely caused by the schools policy to buy high quality ingredients (organic when possible) high quality and save protein sources.
    Plus that compared with other schools Concordian is not the most expensive.
    Khun Theo volunteered to make some comparisons concerning food prices and food quality.
    Mr. Laurent offered Calvin to join one of the coming Student GOVT meetings and talk about this.

      • The food is not very tasty.

    Mr. Laurent replied: at our school the focus will always be on well prepared healthy food.  As a result it might be less tasty compared with food One can find elsewhere however we would like the students to consider that it is not very healthy to spice up food with too much salt, sugar and other stuff.

      • Calvin asked whether there can be more fruit servings.

    We will look in to it.

    • There was a suggestion about the credit system in the early years and yes, there has been a glitch, instead of 1,000.- Baht the Kiddo’s get 3,000.- Baht credit. This will be rectified a.s.a.p. and on top of that the school will send out an SMS to concerned parents.
      Other suggestions collected online cover largely issues the food committee frequently talks about and will be answered by Email.
    • Sodexo presentation is planned in the second week of November.
    • Food committee will come together Monthly on Tuesdays at 3 p.m.
    • Peter suggested to sort out the coffee machine at “Viva” because the coffee taste burned and on top of that is too expensive compared to businesses in the neighborhood.
      Khun Treemek responded that the machine had been serviced several times already (so may be its time to get another one) she asked for our help to try out.

    Meeting minutes by KTO


    Food committee meeting, Tuesday, January 19, 2016


    Attending: K. Paweena & K. Treemek (Sodexo) Mr. Laurent, Mr. Calvin, Ms. Waad, K. Theo


    General subjects:

    • Meeting started with review of some food suggestions from November & December.
      Issues will be addressed.
    • After that a short discussion about coffee being sold at the new Sodexo selling station for high school kids, the school recently did sent an Email to the parents asking for parents who do not want their offspring to buy coffee to inform the school about it.
    • The meeting decided to change the Food committee meetings frequency to once per semester or when circumstances make it necessary.
    • The Shushi rice packs popular at “my cup” will be made in house by Sodexo after the testing of the rice has been finished.

    Student council questions:

    • Can Sodexo provide hot water for students own tea and such?
      Yes however, no instant noodles will be allowed.
    • Some students asked whether Sodexo can make the tea less sweet.
      No problem.
    • Students ask for more fried chicken…
      Sodexo will look into possibilities, the meeting asked the student council representatives to ask their fellow students for new menu item ideas.
    • There is a submarine station (two times a week) but it’s not popular, this might be a promotional problem.
    • Can coupon lines be split in food & drink to make processing faster?
      Right now one of the machines is broke, when fixed Sodexo will give it a try for a week or so. 9BTW the selling station upstairs has a machine too).

    The meeting asked the students to figure out a name for the new place, dead line is end January.


    Meeting minutes, KTO


    Food committee meeting minutes March 11th, 2016


    Attending: K. Treemek (Sodexo), Mr. Laurent, K.Peter, K.Angie, K.Ging, K.Lynn, K.Oh & K.Theo


    Meeting started 8am


    The main reason to have a committee meeting today was to welcome two new members to the committee, K.Lin & K.Olay.


    1)      Discussion on background to Committee and Sodexo Operations

      1. Aim to control sources and quality for food as policy set by school
      2. Where possible should be organic
      3. No antibiotics (or minimal) or additives allowed
      4. Maintain low salt in food
      5. Sodexo has “fun-food days” each month to keep children interested
      6. Monitor wastage and adjust menu where possible
      7. Change menu regularly to ensure variation
      8. Introduced smaller plates and buffet line to reduce queues and encourage better control of food
      9. No limit to number of times to refill but must finish vegetables first.
      10. If fried chicken on menu done with rice bran oil
      11. Sticky rice currently banned but PTA may request to allow for higher grades (above K3)
      12. Now will have special box meal for higher grades available but no refill.  55 baht
      13. Fish supplied regularly but source is controlled to ensure no contamination open to other types of fish but must meet quality standard.
      14. Comment that may be possible to prepare food using natural taste but more interesting, does not need to match traditional flavours
      15. Concern over noodles which may contain high levels of preservatives to be checked and confirmed by Sodexo but should ensure use of fresh noodles where possible.  Yellow noodles preferred.
      16. Children’s snacks some concern on wastage and do they really eat them in junior years Sodexo monitors and adapt ongoing.
      17. Waiting lines in canteen are acceptable since one station has been repaired, with in three months there will be an additional station installed


    2)      Concern

    a.     Current vegetables are hydroponic but this does not guarantee chemical free, Sodexo to check and update committee.


    3)      Promotion of Sodexo

    a.     Given the stringent procedures and policies on food need to assist Sodexo to get the message out to the parents, will work together to arrange and present this to community

    b.     This may involve students to help write the PR


    4)   Future meetings will be planned during the afternoon (usually after 15:00) so the student representatives can join.


    Meeting adjourned 10am


    Minutes by K.Peter & K.Theo



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